Wasma Mansour’s early life in Saudi Arabia was suffused with scent: from the richness of incense to the indelible sillage of classic perfumes worn by her family. She especially recalls cherished memories of Ta’if rose, the emblematic flower of the Arabian Peninsula that grows in mountainous regions amongst figs and pomegranates.

After moving to the United Kingdom to pursue a PhD at The London College of Communications, Wasma found herself in the role of the vulnerable observer: an immigrant woman documenting the lives of others like her who were living abroad and grappling with connection—to community, to self, to personal space. By recording the lives of women in written and oral histories and in photographs, she realised she was a keeper of stories, important glimpses of how individual experiences are interwoven to create a rich tapestry that trascends time and place.

She founded Women In Mind, a lifestyle brand centred on wellness, self-care and connection, to create a safe space for expression and growth, offering products to enhance the lives of those that inspired her, eventually rediscovering her love of fine fragrance.

For her first collection of scents, Wasma worked together with perfumers Jacqueline Steele and Tony Dallimore to interpret impressions and experiences from three iconic cities, each with a unique history and special meaning for her: London, New York and Los Angeles.

Believing perfumes can represent our nuanced personalities & give us permission to be our true selves, Wasma found a new medium in which to act as storyteller.

Her aim is to create auras that extend our presence, to leave impressions on those whose paths we cross, and to serve as lasting connections to our memories.

As with all her artistic pursuits, she learns by doing, and has worked to hone her skills as a perfumer in order to express her point of view and connect more directly to her audience. Wasma is currently working on new fragrances for her eponymous label and is excited to share them in the future.