The Wasma Mansour brand explores key themes, expressing them in an olfactory language to communicate the deeply personal relationship between scent, self, and space; the importance of the rich histories of people and places; the meaning of ‘every day’, even a moment; and the reminder that scent can imbue a person with power and confidence.

The fragrance collection represents sensory snapshots, captured memories that exist out of time: the pleasure of unexplored corners in cities we think we know; tributes to our collective yesterdays and our hopeful tomorrows; and coming of age to find community when it is least looked for.

We invite you to discover the scents, to be transported and connected, to find indulgence in your everyday routine. Walk with us in London Fields, find your inner rebel in Silver Lake, or follow the beat of Harlem Rose into a world of sensual experience. You deserve to smell incredible.