Our mission is to give customers unforgettable olfactive experiences

We believe that desiring the ideal fragrance is not frivolity, but a vital means of presenting ourselves. Through carefully designed range of products, all made to delight the senses and enrich the soul.


Our brand works closely with Phoenix Fragrances; (a Sozio company) to procure responsibly sourced, high-quality raw materials for all our products. We comply with IFRA guidelines, following the science to determine and adhere to safe usage for all of our ingredients, avoiding substances that are banned from use due to issues with their safety—whether from a consumer standpoint or an environmental one.

Our raw materials have short supply chains, meaning we understand their provenance and are assured that fair wages and working conditions are present in the communities that produce both natural extracts and synthetic molecules, that natural materials are sustainably grown and harvested, and synthetics are
manufactured with care for our ecosystem.

All of the products for our brand are made in the United Kingdom from materials sourced, as stated above, to exacting standards. From boxes and bottles to raw materials, all brand collateral is closely overseen at every step of the process to ensure quality.

We believe you deserve to smell great & feel comfortable with buying and using our products, so complete transparency is important to us.